Inspirational Kids

Never Too Young to Give Back and Make a Difference

Luke Stringer
If you ever wondered what inspires a child to go the extra mile, ask Luke Stringer. When the 11-year-old resident of Nantucket met a veteran, Luke’s life changed.

The veteran, and Purple Heart recipient, suffered severe injuries in the Afghanistan war and is now deaf and blind. Because of his extraordinary service to our country, the veteran had become part of the family at Holiday for Heroes, an organization that honors families of war by embracing them with a retreat on Nantucket. The veteran told Luke that he needed a service dog specifically trained to help him with his complicated physical needs.

Luke decided to help raise funds for the training of a veteran’s service dog. It was a great idea but Luke was challenged with the daunting task of reaching this goal. Luke, with the help of his brother and close friends, decided to host a dog walk to raise even more donations.

At the annual fundraiser for Holidays for Heroes, Luke thanked everyone who had donated, announcing that $30,000 had been raised.

With Luke’s dedication and perseverance, a hero will now have a service dog. Luke and his friends will have the honor of naming that dog. They are a testament to never being too young to make a difference!
Luke organized the dog walk to help a hero.
Luke & his friends fundraised at the dog walk.
Blue Buffalo Company, a Holidays for Heroes sponsor, donated dog treats to help Luke’s event.

Never Too Young to Give Back