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Want to inspire children to think of others while reading a fun patriotic book? Max and Charlie Help a Hero combines these themes in one book. Charlie and his adopted dog, Max travel through Cape Cod and Nantucket and are inspired to raise money to have a service dog trained for a veteran. Along the way, they meet many dog friends who join in with their endeavor to “Help a Hero”.  Young readers are given the message that they are "Never Too Young to Give Back” and help a person in need. The book also teaches children about the role of a service dog in a veteran’s life and the sacrifices that our veterans have made for our country. 

The characters in the book are based upon real people who are heroes: a Cape Cod veteran who has given so much for our country, a police officer who set up an organization to help veterans and their families in memory of his son who was a Marine, a group of inspirational children on Nantucket who decided to raise money to have a service dog trained for a veteran, and the director at the Cape Cod MSPCA who helps shelter animals find loving homes.  The photos and stories of these heroes are at the end of the book.

Uniqueness of the Book

Max and Charlie Help a Hero is different than most illustrated children’s books:

About The Authors and Illustrator

Kim Roderiques (Co-Author & Book Photographer)
Kim Roderiques, a long-time Chatham resident, is passionate about photographing people, places, and dogs on Cape Cod. Kim is the author of Dogs on Cape Cod, a coffee table book, featuring an extensive collection of dogs and scenic views from Provincetown to Sandwich. Her photographs have been exhibited in the New England region and published in national magazines. She was featured on the television show, Chronicle. Kim dedicates much of her work to the well-being of shelter dogs. Apart from her photographic career, Kim plays an essential role in the family business, The Trading Company, a fine clothing store in Chatham since 1976.  Her photographs are in a new book, I Am of Cape Cod, which is authored by John Whelan and focuses on a cross section of people from different walks of life on Cape Cod.
K.M. Ginter (Co-Author)
K.M.Ginter spends the summers on Cape Cod. Her terriers were trained and volunteered as therapy dogs in the Cape Cod Companion Animal Program. She took her dogs into assisted living facilities and saw the magic that dogs brought to people by brightening their day and offering great companionship. She has also volunteered at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program and participated in their school tutoring program. She took her “Little Sister”, who wants to become a veterinary assistant, to volunteer and raise funds at a dog adoption organization. Karen tried to show her that, no matter what one’s circumstances are in life, one is always able to give back and help others, even at a young age.

Giorgia Florena Shaban (Illustrator)
Giorgia Florena Shaban is from an artistic family and has spent her summer vacations in beautiful Chatham since childhood. Primarily self-taught, the inspiration of her work comes from her family and pets, especially her dog, Oscar, who comes to the studio with her every day. Giorgia's art conveys the sweetness, love and humor animals give us. For the last 25 years, she has been working with her mother and one of her sisters at Tatutina studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, designing happy art and children's products. Dogs have always been her favorite subject and she is thrilled to have worked on a book supporting the MSPCA and honoring the veterans in the community.


Look for more books coming soon in the Help a Hero book series.
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Never Too Young to Give Back