Max and Charlie Help a Hero

Best Children's Book Honorable Mention Winner -  New England Book Festival
Great Kid's Book - Cape Cod Magazine

Charlie and his adopted dog Max have an unforgettable summer journey on Cape Cod and Nantucket. Along the way, they develop a special bond as best friends. They learn about that fact that veterans are heroes and have sacrificed so much for our country.  They also learn about the role of a service dog in a veteran's life.  Max and Charlie are inspired to help a veteran (a hero).  Together, with Max’s dog friends, they use teamwork and realize that they are “Never Too Young To Give Back" and help a person in need.

This patriotic book teaches children to value the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military - they are our heroes.  The book's message to children is that they have the power to help someone in need and make a difference, even at a young age.  Experiences of "giving back" are learning moments that children can take into adulthood.  The book's characters are based upon real heroes and their photos and stories are in the back of the book: a Cape Cod veteran who has given so much for our country, a police officer who set up an organization to help veterans and their families in memory of his son who was a Marine, a group of children on Nantucket who decided to raise money to have a service dog trained for an injured veteran, and the director at the Cape Cod MSPCA who helps shelter animals find loving homes.

Never Too Young to Give Back